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Bed bugs are pests that we have all become familiar with in the last several decades. They have made themselves well-known by regularly invading the places where people spend the majority of their time. Bed bugs are closely associated with humans because our blood is their favored food source. Their desire to be close to us isn't the only reason bed bugs are so difficult to prevent; it is also how they enter our homes. Bed bugs are avid hitchhikers, so no matter how securely we seal the exterior of our homes, bed bugs easily get inside, usually right through the front door!

We regularly come into contact with these small, apple-seed-shaped insects in places where there are large groups of people regularly coming and going. Airports, hotels, laundry mats, schools, hospitals, and movie theaters are frequent hot spots for bed bugs. Bed bugs can't fly or jump, but they will crawl onto you or inside your belongings and wait for you to take them wherever you go, including your home. Once inside your house, bed bugs will find dark seams, cracks, or crevices to hide in during the day and emerge at night to feed on the blood of you and your family.

Pest Control Harford County, Cecil County - Bed Bugs

If bed bugs are in your home, you will likely notice the following signs:

  • Piles of shed insect skins in your home, on the floor, in drawers, or under mattresses

  • Brown stains caused by blood or black stains caused by excrement on mattresses, bedding, walls, or floors

  • Unexplained bug bites

  • A sweet, musty odor develops in your home

  • Dead or alive apple seed-shaped bugs in the seams of mattresses, behind the cushions of upholstered furniture, behind wall hangings, or within electrical outlets

Use the following prevention tips to help keep bed bugs from taking over your home


  • Don't let dirty laundry pile up and keep it up off the floor; bed bugs love to hide in piles of dirty laundry.

  • Inspect your hotel room before bringing your luggage inside; keep baggage and other personal belongings up off the ground.

  • Cover power outlets and place bed bug-proof encasements over your mattresses to take away two of their favorite hideouts.

  • Regularly vacuum the floors in your house.

  • Know the signs of a bed bug infestation and contact a professional at the first sign of bed bugs.

Pest Control Harford County, Cecil County - Bed Bugs
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