Types Of Problematic Wildlife In Harford & Cecil Counties (Maryland)

Types Of Problematic Wildlife In Harford & Cecil Counties (Maryland)

November 26, 20233 min read

Wildlife is a general term for animals that don’t often wander directly into your home but do tend to hang out around your yard and property. These animals may seem like a gift from nature at first, but trust us; they will cause many problems to your property. If you’re becoming suspicious of one or more of these pests encroaching on your property, contact Abracadabra Pest Solutions for pest control.

Why You Don't Want Wildlife Hanging Around Your Yard

Despite how cute some wildlife may look in your yard, others are capable of causing costly damage to your lawn and home. Wildlife animals don’t adhere to boundaries and are capable of putting up a good fight once they’ve established a resourceful spot that provides them with their needs. A few ways these animals can ruin your property include:

  • Digging holes throughout your yard 

  • Loosening foundations under structures 

  • Digging up gardens 

  • Chewing on plants

Once they have finished in your yard, they’ll move on to your home. The quicker you are at recognizing signs of wildlife, the sooner you can prevent them from entering your house.

Common Types Of Nuisance Wildlife Found In Harford County, Cecil County, Maryland

To be more specific about the types of wildlife  you might be encountering around your home, common wildlife includes:

  • Birds: Woodpeckers are often a problem bird in the area. Due to their ability to drill into trees to collect tree sap and insects that feed on sap, they eventually cause the tree to decay and rot.

  • Groundhogs: Groundhogs dig shallow holes in your yard and connect them using tunnels that run just below the surface. These tunnels cause structures to become unstable since the foundations have weakened.

  • Moles: Moles are much smaller than groundhogs, but they cause the same problem. The size difference in holes will be a good indicator of which animal is responsible.

  • Opossums: Opossums are mostly known for playing dead when encountered by predators. However, they are good at using their tails for climbing, causing damage to roof shingles. Trim tree branches away from your home to prevent further access.

  • Raccoons: Raccoons are popular local scavengers. They are very clever in removing garbage lids from bins for easy access and can shred through thin materials easily. 

  • Squirrels: Squirrels chew through any material to gain access to your attic. Once inside, they do the same thing to your cables, wires, and insulation. You’ll begin to notice squirrel droppings if this has happened to your home.

Most wildlife is harmless unless provoked. However, a sick animal could also attack unwittingly. We recommend calling a licensed expert in wildlife control to take care of any wildlife pests near your home. If a bite occurs, we also recommend seeking immediate medical attention.

Effective Tips To Make Your Property Less Inviting To Wildlife

As much of a hassle as it can be to revamp your property to prevent wildlife from approaching, it’s necessary. The damage that comes with wildlife is not worth the risk to your home or property. We recommend following these tips below for the surest measures of how to keep wildlife away:

  • Use trash containers with locking lids.

  • Brush crumbs off surfaces and sweep up uneaten food.

  • Move bird feeders away from your home.

  • Regularly harvest fruit trees and garden areas.

  • Put wire mesh at the end of downspouts and over vents leading into your house.

  • Place caps on chimneys.

  • Inspect the roof, foundation, and everything in between for openings that need sealing.

  • Remove debris from your yard. 

  • Keep the grass cut short.

Following these wildlife prevention measures is only one part of the solution. The other part relies on working side by side with a reliable, affordable, and convenient wildlife control company.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Wildlife Around My Property?

While immediate relief from any pest infestation is our first goal, we are also committed to long-term prevention strategies to protect your homes and businesses from pests in the years to come. Contact Abracadabra Pest Solutions to schedule an inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services.

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