How To Effectively Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

How To Effectively Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

November 26, 20233 min read

\No one likes finding spiders inside their home. Unfortunately, these eight-legged pests do not care what people like. They are only concerned about their own needs and how to survive another day.; this leaves it up to you to cull and prevent infestations.

Here is what we recommend to keep Elkton spiders out of your home effectively and what problems these pests cause. For less information and more solutions, call Abracadabra Pest Solutions. Our trained experts love helping homeowners with pest control and are ready to visit you ASAP.

What Do Spiders In Elkton Look Like?

Elkton is home to many different types of spiders. Some of these local arachnids are small and hairy. Others are large and have smooth exoskeletons. Here are some spiders in our area that you should know how to identify:

  • The cellar spider has a small, sometimes long body, thin, long legs, and pale yellow to light brown or grey coloration. 

  • The jumping spider has a small to medium-sized, hairy body, wide midsection and abdomen, forward-facing eyes, and black, brown, tan, or grey coloration with pale markings.

  • The wolf spider has a medium to large sized, thinly haired body, wide midsection and abdomen, and dark to pale brown coloration with the occasional yellow stripes and markings.

  • The black widow spider has a large hairless body, bulbous abdomen, long thin legs, black coloration, and a red, hourglass-shaped mark on its underside.

Let our team visit your property for more help identifying local arachnids inside and around your home. We offer fast pest inspections to help you assess your risk.

Is It Dangerous To Have Spiders In My Home?

There are lots of dangerous spiders that live around the globe. Thankfully, only one harmful species lives here in Elkton, and it is called the black widow. You have probably heard of this arachnid. Its venom is highly potent and elicits immediate pain followed by other serious symptoms, including cramping, redness, swelling, nausea, vomiting, and tremors. These neurological symptoms often follow, including irritability, constant crying, tachycardia, arrhythmias, sialorrhoea, agitation, muscle spasms, tetany, nystagmus, and seizures. The best way to avoid these serious effects is to seek medical attention after a bite. 

Easy & Effective Spider Prevention Tips

To avoid spiders in Maryland you must implement some form of spider control. One great place to start is with DIY prevention tips. Here are five easy tips and tricks to start with today:

  1. Use silicone caulk or liquid cement to seal gaps, holes, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.

  2. Fix damage to windows and doors and make sure to install them properly.

  3. Repair or replace damaged screens and keep unscreened doors and windows closed when they are not in use.

  4. Install weatherstripping around unsealed doors and windows.

  5. Make sure your exterior doors have door sweeps, especially if they have a visible gap beneath them.

DIY is extremely helpful. It is not, however, a perfect solution. Get our team at Abracadabra Pest Solutions involved for fast and effective spider control.

The Secret To Total Spider Control In Elkton

If you see spiders everywhere inside and around your Elkton home, hiring a professional is the best option to deal with these pests. At Abracadabra Pest Solutions, we use advanced pest control and a little magic to deal with invasive local species.

Contact us today to make your spider problems disappear or to have your questions answered. We love informing our community and will find quick solutions for pest infestations.

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