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You Need Professional Pest Control For Medical Facilities in Elkton, MD

July 15, 2022 - Commercial Pest Control

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Medical facilities must follow strict protocols to administer patients' utmost care. One of the primary responsibilities of medical facilities involves caring for patients in safe and sanitary environments. 

With all the high-stress situations that can occur within any given medical facility, from doctors’ offices and hospitals to dentists and rehabilitation centers, the professionals heading up these facilities should be able to perform their jobs effectively and without having to worry about pest complications. 

With year-round quality commercial pest control in Elkton, medical facilities can stand firm against pests, and healthcare personnel can focus on what they do best.

Read on to learn about pest concerns in health care and the most concerning pests in medical facilities. We’ll also answer your question on whether professional pest control is beneficial for medical facilities—hint, it is!—and how to keep pests out of medical centers for good. 

Pest Concerns In Health Care

Generally, healthcare facilities see a high amount of foot traffic. In some cases, the number of people coming and going, coupled with the resources needed to accommodate them, such as food, water, lodging, in some cases—and even the patients’ condition, can complicate pest concerns.

Briefly, here are the top three pest-related concerns in health care:

  1. High foot traffic increases the presence of pests. Some pests, such as bed bugs and lice, are accidentally picked up in places like hospitals and doctors’ offices, either on clothing or personal items.
  2. Food, water, and warm shelter attract pests. Again, facilities such as hospitals, which house and feed patients, have many resources to support pests once they enter. Bacteria from pests can then be transferred to patients and staff, spreading sickness and aggravating existing conditions.
  3. Some pests infest open wounds. Flies, for example, can lay their eggs in patients’ open wounds, leading to more severe problems. 

Commercial pest control services put measures in place to protect medical facilities against pests, the harm they cause, and the safety of patients and staff alike.

What Types Of Pests Should Medical Facilities Worry About?

No matter what the pest is, a pest infestation of any size is problematic in medical facilities.

Though some pests, such as rats and cockroaches, are more concerning than others from a safety standpoint—these pests are linked to spreading the most bacteria—even smaller pests, like ants, can cause problems. 

An infestation of smaller pests, such as ants or beetles, will attract larger pests, such as spiders and centipedes, that are also searching for food. When left alone for long enough, what was once a tiny sugar ant infestation can develop into a full-blown infestation involving multiple pests.

Is Professional Pest Control Beneficial For Medical Facilities?

Not only is pest control beneficial for medical facilities, but it’s necessary. Without pest control services for commercial facilities, it’s only a matter of time, and likely not very long, for pests to pose a problem. 

Using commercial pest control services is an essential step in protecting the safety of your clients and employees and also the integrity of your medical business.

How To Keep Pests Out Of Medical Centers For Good

Managing pest control for a commercial property is too large of a task coupled with all the other medical facilities' obligations.

With over two decades of pest control experience, Abracadabra Pest Solutions is a local, family, woman, and veteran-owned business passionate about providing medical facilities with the care and coverage they need. Using results-driven treatment plans delivered with high-quality customer service, we’ll ensure your medical facility is safe from pests, now and in the long haul.

For commercial pest control solutions for your medical facility, contact Abracadabra Pest Solutions today.