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Scaring Off The Midnight Bandits In Elkton

August 15, 2022 - Wildlife

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Raccoons are cute and highly intelligent but can become a nuisance to Elkton homeowners. These nocturnal mammals can knock down your garbage cans, defecate on your roof or deck, or cause structural damage to your property. They can also transmit parasites and bacterial diseases to humans and pets. You need to act fast to eliminate the nuisance animal by hiring Elkton pest control experts.

Raccoons Are More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Them

Raccoon attacks are rare, yet stories about the isolated incidences tend to stick. Consequently, most people develop a fear of the animal. A raccoon’s natural response to a threat is to fixate on the target while puffing its hair to appear as large as possible. The bold reaction can be terrifying for most homeowners. 

Most terrified Elkton residents may not understand that the intimidation posture is just a bluff. The raccoon will act like it's ready for a fight while assessing its options for escape. Even in high-stakes situations such as being cornered or protecting the young, raccoons are more likely to flee than fight. 

Sounds That Scare Raccoons

Wildlife management experts often suggest scare tactics as effective wildlife pest control measures for raccoons. Research into the destructive scavengers shows that certain sounds are more likely to repel the pests from your home. Here are sounds that you can use to scare raccoons off your property. 

  1. Human voices through yelling and shouting
  2. Loud bangs of doors opening and shutting
  3. Radios played at a blast
  4. Loud music played in the attic
  5. Recorded bioacoustics from other animal noises such as dog barks
  6. Passive noisemakers such as pans clattering on each other or empty glass bottles

While sound is a popular deterrent, the effectiveness declines over time as the raccoon becomes accustomed to the noise. Your best bet at eliminating the invasion is to call in wildlife control services. 

Are Raccoons Dangerous To Humans And Pets?

While the cute masks and chubby bodies make raccoons appear harmless, the invasive wildlife can be dangerous. When cornered or protecting their young, raccoons will attack their aggressors viciously. You can sustain serious injuries from bites and scratch marks. Fights with your cat or dog can be fatal.

Additionally, raccoons can transmit dangerous zoonotic diseases to both humans and pets. Some of the bacteria and viruses spread by the nocturnal wildlife include:

  • Rabies
  • Canine hepatitis
  • Parvoviral enteritis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Canine or feline distemper

Rabies can alter the raccoon's behavior, making it more aggressive and likely to attack any human or pet. Besides the bacterial and viral diseases, the raccoon can spread parasitic worms or pests. The raccoon roundworm causes Baylis Ascaris infection, which affects the eyes and the brain. Raccoons infested with ticks, fleas, and mites can introduce them to your home. 

Protect your loved ones and pets by hiring local wildlife removal companies to eliminate the nasty animals from your property. 

Wildlife Control Made Easy For Elkton Residents

Most confrontations with raccoons will typically occur at night. While measures such as loud noises, keeping your pets inside after dusk, or tightly covering your garbage cans can work, they only offer a temporary reprieve. 

Homeowners interested in long-term solutions need to invest in nuisance wildlife removal services. Abracadabra Pest Solutions can help get rid of the raccoons from your property, offering professional wildlife removal in Elkton. 

Our expert exterminators understand raccoon behavior and can conduct a detailed inspection to identify their nests within your home. We use humane live traps to capture the wildlife and remove them from your home. Additionally, we provide exclusion services to fix any entry points within the property. Contact us to develop a detailed wildlife trapping plan tailored for your Elkton home.