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How To Isolate And Treat Bed Bug Infestations In Elkton, MD

March 15, 2022 - Bed Bugs

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Bed bug infestations are some of the most disgusting pest problems you could ever encounter. These pests are parasites that feed on human blood. They are nocturnal, and they come out at night for a meal because they can sense the amount of carbon dioxide we give off while we sleep and the body heat we emit. Because bed bug infestations are so disgusting, it's important to know how to remove bed bugs in Elkton. Read on to discover more about isolating and treating bed bug problems.

Is It Possible To Have Bed Bugs In Only One Room?

When a bed bug problem first begins, it might just be in one room or one small part of a room. However, bed bugs in Elkton can quickly spread throughout a property. Bed bugs can lay up to 12 eggs per day and up to 500 eggs in their lifetime, which means that their numbers can grow exponentially, and they can move to new rooms either by walking themselves or by hitching a ride on your clothes or other items you carry. 

You could easily move bed bugs from room to room as you move bedding to the laundry room or carry bags from room to room. Because bed bugs can spread and reproduce so quickly, it's important to get bed bug control as soon as an infestation begins.

Why Bed Bug Infestations Are So Easy To Spread In Elkton

Bed bugs can catch a ride on basically anything made of cloth or fabric. It's also a common misconception that bed bugs only live on mattresses and bedding. While they prefer beds because this gives them easy access to a meal, they can live on other furniture and even in holes in walls or inside electrical outlets, allowing them to thrive in all rooms within a structure. They can also live just fine in businesses of various kinds. 

What Kills Bed Bugs In Elkton?

Bed bugs are also difficult pests to remove using DIY methods. Many people try to remove them by washing items in hot water, which can help to an extent. It is a good idea to try to isolate bed bugs by washing and drying items on high heat. However, by the time you see bed bugs around, there likely are many more that you're not seeing. There are high odds that the infestation has already been around for weeks or months.

The best way to eradicate bed bugs is with professional bed bug control.

 A Practical Solution To Bed Bug Infestations In Elkton

While you can try to isolate and control bed bugs on your own, these options are unlikely to eradicate the entire infestation. Instead, let the pest control professionals at Abracadabra Pest Solutions help. We offer bed bug control services that use a variety of treatment options. We will work with you to quickly get rid of every single bed bug. Discover more about bed bug removal in Elkton by calling us today.