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Could Rodents Have Gotten Inside Your Elkton Home This Winter?

August 16, 2023 - Rodents

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As a resident of Elkton, MD you know that the cold, snowy winter days make you want to light a fire and huddle inside your home for comfort and warmth. Having a lovely warm house with plenty of food and water is also something rodents look for in the winter. Rodents like to gnaw their way in, slip in using the minor cracks, and establish a residence with your family.

When the winter months are over, many residents focus their concerns on whether rodents moved into their attics, basements, or walls during the winter. In the winter months, you are more likely to have wild rodents getting into your Elkton home. Protect your investment and your family with effective pest control in Elkton from Abracadabra Pest Solutions.

Why Rodents Become A Problem Around Elkton In The Winter

Winter is when Elkton residents start to consider the possibility of a rodent problem in their homes and how to get rid of rodents in the attic. Why do these wild creatures become a problem in the area every winter?

The winter rodent problem in Elkton is directly related to the climate. It is freezing in Elkton during the winter. It snows heavily, the temperature drops below freezing, the water sources freeze over, and life for anything living outdoors becomes difficult.

Rodents invade your homes more often during the winter while attempting to provide for themselves and their young. You have everything inside your home that the wildlife needs to survive.

Warning Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

Most of the time, if you are thinking about whether you have an ugly rodent infestation, you have already seen some telltale signs, seen the rodents, or heard suspicious noises. Increased rodent numbers mean more noise.

Warning signs of rodent infestations include:

  • Scurrying noises coming from the attic or walls
  • Seeing droppings left by rodents
  • Gnaw marks on packages or wooden surfaces
  • Food packages that are moved or damaged
  • Greasy, dark rub marks on walls
  • Seeing a rodent, either dead or alive

Rodent infestation starts with just one or two moving into your home. When only one or two of these creatures live with you, there will not be many signs of their presence. When you start seeing signs of wildlife or suspect an infestation, you usually have several rodents.

How Winter Rodents Get Inside And How To Prevent Them

Both small rodents and big rodents in Elkton are talented at finding ways inside homes. You don't need to have a pet door or a large opening for these creatures to enter; they slip in through tiny spaces.

How do rodents get inside?

  • Through small cracks around windows and doors
  • Through small holes in your exterior siding
  • Through attic vents that are missing screens
  • Through gaps around cables and wires

Wild rodents, from mice to raccoons and squirrels, can live in attics and basements during and after winter. Preventing rodents from being able to gain access is the best method of keeping them away. Prevention generally requires clearing wood and piles of debris away from your home so rodents do not have places to hide, trimming limbs so they cannot easily come and go from your roof, and repairing any cracks or holes in your siding.

Contact The Professionals For Total Rodent Control For Your Home

If you live around Elkton and suspect rodents have moved into your home, contact Abracadabra Pest Solutions for a free quote for effective rodent control. Our specialists will do a complete exterior inspection and check for entry points. We'll then help you find the types of rodents you have living with you and help you stop any other rodents from being able to gain entry. Give us a call to find out more about our rodent control services in Elkton.