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Ant Control In Elkton, MD

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Keep Ants Out Of Your Elkton Home

Finding ants in your house can be annoying, but often people write it off as something that isn’t a big deal. They’ll kill the ants as they find them and assume the problem will go away on its own; this can be a dangerous game to play.

While some ant species are only a nuisance and may not cause any more serious problems in your house than contaminating the food stores they get into; others are a bit more problematic. If carpenter ants get into your home, for example, they’ll begin to damage the wood structures inside. Over time this damage can become extensive. Other ant species, such as pharaoh ants, aren’t destructive, but they do spread diseases.

To be safe, if you find ants of any kind in your house, it’s wise to have the professionals take care of it for you. Abracadabra Pest Solutions has decades of experience thoroughly eliminating Elkton's toughest pest infestations. We will stop the ants in your house so they can’t cause problems and provide the pest protection your Elkton home needs to prevent new infestations from developing.

Our Elkton, MD Ant Control Service


In order to get to the root of your ant problem, we need to identify its source. Ants use trails as they travel back and forth from location to location. We’ll inspect your house to find these trails so that we can identify where the ants are spending their time. We’ll also look for entry points ants could use to get inside, as well as conducive conditions both inside and outside that might be attracting them to your property in the first place.


Our ant control treatments are designed with two goals in mind. First, we’ll eliminate the infestation in your home. We’ll treat the areas we identified during our inspection to get rid of the ants that are in your house.

Second, we’ll prevent ants that are outside from getting inside. We’ll do this by treating the exterior of your house to create a protective barrier around it. This treatment stops ants from getting in.

Protecting Your Elkton Home Or Business From Ants

An ant infestation can be both irritating and dangerous. If ants have gotten into your home or business, getting rid of them on your own is difficult and usually unsuccessful. Abracadabra Pest Solutions can eliminate your entire ant infestation and make sure that a new infestation doesn’t occur. Contact us to request a quote for our residential and commercial pest control services in Elkton.